GREENLEAF TECHNOLOGIES INCSKU: 385-QC02 | Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1

The Greenleaf Technologies' Quick Check Calibration Calculator allows fast and accurate calibration and testing of agricultural sprayers.
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Interchange 385QC02,
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Brand Greenleaf Technologies

Quickly and easily measures the amount of liquid being dispersed through spray nozzles, and calculates application rates. Can also be used to adjust nozzle flow rates, determine nozzle accuracy, and evaluate line pressure losses.

The Calibration Calculator is marked with a series of scales which enables a sprayer operator to calibrate or establish the following parameters of sprayer operation:

  • Volume applied per acre for a variety of ground speeds.
  • Control of nozzle flow rates.
  • Volume of liquid passing through standard nozzle types at given spraying pressures.
  • Evaluation of sprayline pressure losses and/or pressure gauge error.
  • Simple volume measurement.

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