BALDWIN FILTERSSKU: B7165 | Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1

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Interchange DSB7165,
Net Weight (lbs) 0.63
Length 2 5/16 (58.7)
Thread 3/4-16
Contains Anti-Drainback Valve 8 PSID Front End By-Pass Valve
Fits Ariens, Bush Hog, Cub Cadet, Gravely, Husqvarna, John Deere, Snapper, White Lawn & Garden Tractors; Briggs & Stratton Engines
Replaces Briggs & Stratton 492932
Outer Dimension 3 1/32 (77.0)
I.Gasket G449-B
Brand Baldwin
Make Type Model
Briggs & Stratton Engine 290000
Briggs & Stratton Engine 300000
Briggs & Stratton Engine 350000
Briggs & Stratton Engine 380000
Briggs & Stratton Engine 400000
Briggs & Stratton Engine 400400
Briggs & Stratton Engine 401400
Briggs & Stratton Engine 402400
Briggs & Stratton Engine 404400
Briggs & Stratton Engine 409777
Briggs & Stratton Engine 40T677
Briggs & Stratton Engine 40T876
Briggs & Stratton Engine 40T877
Briggs & Stratton Engine 422400
Briggs & Stratton Engine 422700
Briggs & Stratton Engine 440000
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44L977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44M977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44P977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44Q977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44T677
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44T777
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44T877
Briggs & Stratton Engine 44T977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 49C877
Briggs & Stratton Engine 49L977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 49M977
Briggs & Stratton Engine 49T777
Briggs & Stratton Engine 49T877
Briggs & Stratton Engine Diamond Plus 19 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Intek 11.0 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Twin V OHV 20 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Vanguard 16 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Vanguard 18 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Vanguard 23 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Vanguard 31 HP
Briggs & Stratton Engine Vanguard 32 HP
Bush Hog Lawn Mower TC180
Bush Hog Utility Vehicle Trail Hunter TH420
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 1170
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 1180
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 1212
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 1440
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 1641
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 2160
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 2165
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 3165
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 3185
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower 5252E
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower AGS2160
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower HDS2165
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower RZT50
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Z-Force 42
Cub Cadet Tractor GT1222
Cub Cadet Tractor GT2521
Cub Cadet Tractor LT1018
Cub Cadet Tractor LT1022
Cub Cadet Tractor LT1024
Dixon Lawn Mower DX254
Dixon Lawn Mower SpeedZTR
Dixon Lawn Mower ZTR3303
Dixon Lawn Mower ZTR3363
Dixon Lawn Mower ZTR4423
Dixon Lawn Mower ZTR4515
Dixon Lawn Mower ZTR4515B
Exmark Tractor Lazer Z CT
Exmark Tractor Lazer Z XS
Ford-New Holland Lawn Mower MZ14H
Ford-New Holland Lawn Mower MZ16H
Ford-New Holland Lawn Mower MZ18H
Ford-New Holland Lawn Mower MZ19H
Husqvarna Lawn Mower RZ4619
Husqvarna Tractor 2246LS
Husqvarna Tractor 2754GLS
Husqvarna Tractor GT180
Husqvarna Tractor GTH200
Husqvarna Tractor LTH18538
Husqvarna Tractor YTH18542
Husqvarna Tractor YTH2242
Husqvarna Tractor YTH2348
Husqvarna Tractor YTH2454
Jacobsen Lawn Mower Z FastCat ES
John Deere Lawn Mower 115
John Deere Lawn Mower 125
John Deere Lawn Mower 135
John Deere Lawn Mower 145
John Deere Lawn Mower 155C
John Deere Lawn Mower 190C
John Deere Lawn Mower 636M QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 647A QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 648M QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 648R QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 652B QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 652M QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 652R EFI QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 652R; 652R MOD
John Deere Lawn Mower 661R EFI
John Deere Lawn Mower 661R QuikTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower 7G18
John Deere Lawn Mower D125
John Deere Lawn Mower F620
John Deere Lawn Mower F680
John Deere Lawn Mower F687 Z-Trak
John Deere Lawn Mower G15
John Deere Lawn Mower L108
John Deere Lawn Mower L111
John Deere Lawn Mower L118
John Deere Lawn Mower L120
John Deere Lawn Mower L130
John Deere Lawn Mower WH36A
John Deere Lawn Mower WH48A
John Deere Lawn Mower WH52A
John Deere Lawn Mower X120
John Deere Lawn Mower X300
John Deere Lawn Mower X300R
John Deere Lawn Mower X304
John Deere Lawn Mower X310
John Deere Lawn Mower Z225 EZTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower Z235 EZTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower Z255 EZTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower Z425 EZTrak
John Deere Lawn Mower Z645
John Deere Lawn Mower Z655
John Deere Lawn Mower Z665
John Deere Lawn Mower Z910A Pro
John Deere Lawn Mower Z920A
John Deere Lawn Mower Z920M
John Deere Lawn Mower Z920R
John Deere Lawn Mower Z925A EFI
John Deere Lawn Mower Z925M EFI
John Deere Lawn Mower Z930M EFI Z-Trak
John Deere Tractor Aercore 800 Aerator
John Deere Tractor D100
John Deere Tractor D105
John Deere Tractor D110
John Deere Tractor D120
John Deere Tractor D130
John Deere Tractor D140
John Deere Tractor D150
John Deere Tractor D155
John Deere Tractor D160
John Deere Tractor D170
John Deere Tractor G100
John Deere Tractor G110
John Deere Tractor GT225
John Deere Tractor GT235
John Deere Tractor GT235E
John Deere Tractor L105
John Deere Tractor L107
John Deere Tractor L108
John Deere Tractor L110
John Deere Tractor LA105
John Deere Tractor LA110
John Deere Tractor LA115
John Deere Tractor LA120
John Deere Tractor LA125
John Deere Tractor LA130
John Deere Tractor LA135
John Deere Tractor LA140
John Deere Tractor LA145
John Deere Tractor LA150
John Deere Tractor LA155
John Deere Tractor LA165
John Deere Tractor LA175
John Deere Tractor LT133
John Deere Tractor LT150
John Deere Tractor LT150G
John Deere Tractor LT150H
John Deere Tractor LT155
John Deere Tractor LT160
John Deere Tractor LT166
John Deere Tractor LT170
John Deere Tractor LTR155
John Deere Tractor LTR166
John Deere Tractor LX173
John Deere Tractor LX255
John Deere Tractor LX266
John Deere Tractor LX288
John Deere Tractor M653
John Deere Tractor M655
John Deere Tractor M665
John Deere Tractor S240 Sport
John Deere Tractor SST15
John Deere Tractor SST16
John Deere Tractor SST18
John Deere Tractor WG32A
John Deere Tractor WG36A
John Deere Tractor WG48A
John Deere Tractor X110
John Deere Tractor X135R
John Deere Tractor X140
John Deere Tractor X330
John Deere Tractor X590
John Deere Tractor Z245
John Deere Tractor Z335E ZTrak
John Deere Tractor Z355E ZTrak
John Deere Tractor Z355R
John Deere Tractor Z435
John Deere Tractor Z510A
John Deere Tractor Z520A
John Deere Tractor Z625
John Deere Tractor Z710A Z-Trak
John Deere Tractor Z720A Z-Trak
John Deere Tractor Z915B
John Deere Utility Vehicle RSX850i
John Deere Utility Vehicle RSX850i Sport
John Deere Utility Vehicle RSX850i Trail
John Deere Utility Vehicle RSX860i
Massey Ferguson Lawn Mower ZT1850
Massey Ferguson Tractor 2616H
Massey Ferguson Tractor 2716H
Massey Ferguson Tractor 2718H
Massey Ferguson Tractor 2720H
Massey Ferguson Tractor 4416XL
Toro Lawn Mower TITAN Z4800
Toro Lawn Mower TITAN Z5200
Toro Tractor Greensmaster 3050
Toro Tractor Greensmaster 3100
Toro Tractor Greensmaster 3150
Toro Tractor Grounds Pro 2000
Toro Tractor Infield Pro 3040
Toro Tractor Infield Pro 5040
Toro Tractor ProCore Processor
Toro Tractor Sand Pro 2020
Toro Tractor Sand Pro 3020
Toro Tractor Sand Pro 3040
Toro Tractor Sand Pro 5000
Toro Tractor Sand Pro 5020
Toro Tractor Sand Pro 5040
Toro Utility Vehicle Workman 2100
Toro Utility Vehicle Workman 2110
Toro Utility Vehicle Workman MDX
White Lawn Mower LT1650 Hydro
White Lawn Mower LT1800
White Lawn Mower LT1850
White Tractor FST14
White Tractor FST16
White Tractor GT180
White Tractor GT185
White Tractor GT205
White Tractor GT225
White Tractor GT2550
White Tractor LT13
White Tractor LT145
White Tractor LT16
White Tractor LT165
White Tractor LT175
White Tractor LT18
White Tractor LT185
White Tractor LT19
White Tractor Z200
Woods Lawn Mower 6170
Woods Lawn Mower F23
Woods Lawn Mower M2050
Woods Lawn Mower R2048
Fits the Following Makes: Ariens, Bush Hog, Cub Cadet, Gravely, Husqvarna, John Deere, Snapper, White Lawn & Garden Tractors; Briggs & Stratton Engines

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