Fender panel, dished type, less mounting brackets. For tractors without roll-over protection structure. Panel comes primed. Tractors: TE20, TO20, TO30, TO35, MF35, F40, MH50, MF50, MF65 (except orchard), MF85 std., MF135 (except vineyard and orchard), MF150, MF165, MF175, MF230, MF235 (except vineyard and orchard), MF245, MF255 (with 16 inch rims), MF265 std., MF275 std., MF285 std. Industrials: 20 (except turf), 20C (except turf), 30 (except turf), 30B, 35 utility, 40, 50, 50A, 202, 203, 204, 205, 2135 utility, 3165 utility, also these models with 4-post R.O.P.S., 30D, 40B, 50C.

Item#: 526904M1
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A 720185,A-526904M91,A716001,A 716001,A720185,526904M91,FF101,A526904M91,

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