Hydraulic filter. Ford/New Holland Tractors: 5640S, 5640SLE, 6640SLE, 7010, 7740S, 7740SL, 7740SLE, 7840, 8010, 8160, 8240, 8260, 8340, 8360, 8560, T6010, T6020, T6040, T5.105, T5.115, T6.140, T6.150, T6.155, T6.160, T6.165, T6.175, T6060, TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130, TM135, TM140, TM150, TM155, TM165, TS90, TS100, TS100A, TS110, TS115A, TS125A, TS135A.

Item#: BT8382
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