Tru Power Engine Kit. 3-Cylinder Perkins Diesel, 152 CID. 3.6 inch Standard Bore. .150 inch Flange Thickness, Injectors at Angle in Cylinder Head, 2 Piece Rope-Type Rear Seal. Engine Overhaul Kit, less bearings. Contains sleeves & sleeve seals, pistons & rings, pins & retainers, pin bushings, complete gasket set, crankshaft seals, intake valves & seals, exhaust valves, valve retainers, springs, guides. For 200 Series Crawler, 2244 Series Crawler, 2200 Series Forklift, 2500 Series Forklift, 20 Series Industrial, 203 Series Industrial, 2135 Series Industrial, 40 Series Industrial, MF135 Series, MF150 Series, MF235 Series, 2200 Series Treever. Contains:3-SAT337D MF-AC cyl slv set,6-957E6513 Valve spring,6-957E6510B valve guide,6-957E6509 valve spring,3-957E6207A pin bushing,1-748008M91 upper gasket set,3-737640M1 exhaust valve,2-735866M1 rear crank seal,1-735232M92 lower gskt set,3-732811M1 intake valve,6-731959M1 retainer,12-731155M1 valve key,1-1851747M1 front crank seal.

Item#: EOK1337D-LCB
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