Tru Power Engine Kit. 6-Cylinder Diesel, 407 CID. 4.321 inch Standard Bore, Cupped-Head Piston, 1-1/2 inch Piston Pin Diameter. Engine Overhaul Kit, less bearings. Contains sleeves & sleeve seals, pistons & rings, pins & retainers, pin bushings, complete gasket set, crankshaft seals, intake & exhaust valves, springs, guides, valve keys. For 1026 Series, 1256 Series, 21026 Series, 21256 Series, 2856 Series, 815 Series, 856 Series. Contains:6-160907R1 valve spring,6-160908R1 valve spring,24-32485D valve key,12-326505R3 valve guide,6-326562R1 pin bushing,6-343433R2 intake valve,6-612313C1 exhaust valve,6-62264VA intake in spring,6-62265VA intake out spring,1-GK3857 IH gasket set,6-SAT187 IH cyl slv set.

Item#: EOK1187-LCB
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