Ford clutch kit no core, for 9 inch single clutch. Kit contains new 9 inch pressure plate assembly, 6 springs, 9 inch disc, 10-spline, 1-3/8 inch hub, new release and pilot bearings. For models with 3- or 4-speed transmission. Contains clutch alignment tool. Tractors: 9N, 2N, 8N (1939 to 1952), NAA, 600, 700, 800, 900 (1953 to 1957). Contains 1-NAA7550A clutch disc, 1-8N7563P pressure plate, 1-C5NN7600A clutch bearing, 1-C0NN7580A clutch bearing, 1-FL10TOOL clutch alignment.

Item#: 8N7563NC
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