Double clutch kit assembly, inchNEW inch 12 inch PP 25 spline PTO disc, light-duty springs. Includes 12 inch Rigid clutch Disc, 10 spline 1-1/8 inch hub, New release & pilot bearing with clutch alignment tool. Tractors: MF165, MF175, MF175 U.K., MF178 U.K., MF231, MF240P, MF240S, MF253, MF261, MF263, MF270, MF271, MF275, MF281, MF282, MF283, MF285, MF290 U.K, MF670, MF690. Industrials: 20D, 20E, 20F, 30E, 40E.

Item#: 3599463M94KT
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