Clutch kit for 9 inch double clutch. Contains 9 inch pressure plate assembly, 12 springs, 6 levers, 9 inch engine disc, 15-spline, 1 inch hub; 9 inch PTO disc, 29-spline, 1-7/8 inch hub, new release and pilot bearings. For live PTO double clutch models(1955 to 1964). Contains clutch alignment tool. Ford/New Holland Tractors: 600, 700, 800, 900, Dexta, Super Dexta. Contains: 1-311435PP pressure plate, 1-C5NN7600a clutch bearing, 1-833084M1 clutch bearing, 1-AG15TOOL clutch alignment.

Item#: 311435K
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R1191444,A311435R,R 1191444,1112-6100,11126100,F4702DSNCK,A-311435-R,

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