BULLDOGbrand trailer jacks have been an industry leader since 1919. This trailer jack has an 8, 000 pound support capacity and can be welded onto any industrial, agricultural, livestock, or utility trailer. This square jack has 15 in. of travel and a drop leg.

Item#: 402-190754
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Use this BULLDOGtrailer jack to replace broken or rusted jacks on your agricultural, livestock, or utility trailers. This jack was designed to be compact, yet still has 8,000 lbs. of support capacity. The compact design allows this replacement to fit into tight spaces.

  • Use the painted outer tube as the final finish or primer
  • Zinc-plated inner tube and drop leg
  • 4.7" Outer / inner tube overlap - results in optimal side load performance
  • 5/8" screw stem - provides insurance against screw stem twisting off
  • Patented screw nut stop - prevents screw and/or nut damage when jack is fully extended
  • Topwind models - bushing in top cap, eagle claw grip
  • Sidewind models - 1/4" cross pin connects gear train to screw stem - guards against shearing jack pin
  • Sidewind models - 1:1.33 gear ratio

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