Wear plate, universal. Fits ALL mowers, combines and swathers with 3 inch spacing, 6-1/2 inch long. Replaces 529-076K, FLW30, 242046, 529-016K & 529056K. Allis Chalmers: 71116532; Deere: E47954, Z5926H; Ford: 141021, 242046; Gehl: H7543; Hart Carter: 234140; IHC: MC468, 179759C1; Kosch: K162; Love: L220; Massey Feguson: 206196M1, 231303M1, 1510209M1; New Holland: 26616, 271967; New Idea: 290815; OMC: 110-10645; White: 501015E.

Item#: 529-156K
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