This disc harrow bearing assembly is a standard bearing kit made to fit IHC tractors. The disc bearing has a round 1-3/4 inch center bore, sealed inside of two flanges that have 8 machine riveted welds.

Item#: 851-SMA491A
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The disc harrow bearing assembly comes complete with a grease zerk to keep your bearing rotating smoothly. The assembly is 5 inches square with 4 bolts and a 5 inch bolt circle. The disc bearing has a 1-3/4 inch bore. Fits: 37,46,48,60,61,120,122,130,132,150,330,340,350,370,470,475,480,485,490,496 w/o Rock Flex, 610,760,3800, 3850,3900,3950 Case/IH disc harrows. 1-3/4" ID, flange has 5.5" bolt circle.

  • 1-3/4 in. round bore
  • Flange plates connected with 8 rivets
  • Assembly: 5 in. square
  • 4 bolt holes on a 5 in. bolt pattern

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