The HYPRO7560C roller water pump can hold up to harsh chemicals with its cast iron body and housing. It has 8 rollers in this hydraulic pump, and it is designed for agricultural, farming, residential, and commercial applications. This powerful self-priming pump handles up to 300 PSI. It has a maximum flow rate of 22.5 GPM, and it is great for all of your water pump needs.

Item#: 449-7560C
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This 8-roller HYPROroller water pump is great for commercial, farming, and residential applications. It is an excellent tool for the transfer of many fluids, including water, industrial, and agricultural spraying. It works well in the application of weed control chemicals, other herbicides, and pesticides.


  • Ready for Use with Roundup®.
  • Get Up to 10 Times Longer Pump Life.
  • Custom Alloy to Provide the Best Corrosion Resistance.

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