Fuel pump assembly, Diesel engines, 4 hole mounting. Tractors: MF175, MF180, MF265, MF362, MF396, MF399 (w/A6-354.4 engine, 1006.6 engine), MF699, MF2640, MF2675, MF2705, MF3090, MF3095, MF3120, MF3125, MF3140, MF3505, MF3525, MF3545, MF3630, MF3645, MF3650, MF3655, MF3660, MF4245, MF4255, MF4260, MF4263, MF4265, MF4270, MF4360, MF4370, MF4800, MF4900, MF6100, MF6120, MF6150, MF6170, MF6180, MF6190, MF6270, MF6280, MF6290, MF8100, MF8210, MF8220. Combines: 550, 750, 760, 850, 855, 860, 865. Industrials: 6500 Forklift. Stationary Engines: A4-236, A6-354.4, T6-354.4, 1006.6, 1006.6T, 1006.6TW.

Item#: 4222105M91
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