Filter, Air, inner, 3-3/8 inch OD, 4-5/32 inch flange, 5/8 inch & 2-29/32 inch ID, 14-3/32 inch length. Massey Ferguson: Tractor: MF698T, MF699, MF1007, MF1014, MF1114, MF1200, MF3050, MF3060, MF3065, MF3070, MF3075, MF3080, MF3085, MF3090, MF3095, MF3115, MF3120, MF3095, MF3120, MF3120T, MF3306, MF3315, MF3325, MF3330, MF3340, MF3350, MF3355, MF3425, MF3435F, MF3435GE, MF3435S, MF3445SF, MF3445S, MF3455, MF6110, MF6120, MF6130, MF6140, MF6150, MF6170, MF6180; Combine: 24, 550, 740, 750, 850; Loader: 80; Excavator: 450, 450S.

Item#: 1093683M92
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