Tru Power Engine Kit. 3 Cylinder Gas, 158 CID, 4.2 inch Standard Bore. Engine Overhaul Kit. Contains .040 inch pistons & rings, complete gasket set, pin bushings, cam bearings, intake & exhaust valves, springs, valve keys. For 2000 Tractors (1965-1975), 3000 tractors (1965 & up)Contains: 12- 70209103 valve key, 3-C5NE6207A pin bushing, 4-C5NE6261B cam bearing, 3-D2NN6108D piston 040, 3-CFPN6149BB piston ring set 040, 3-C7NN6505E exhaust valve, 3-C5NN6507B intake valve, 6-D6NN6513A valve spring, 1-C7NN6051R head gasket, 1-CFPN6008B top gasket, 1-EAPN6A008A lower gasket set, 1-C5NE9447A gasket C94.

Item#: EOKF1584G-LCB
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