Tru Power Engine Kit. 6-Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel, 404 CID. 4-1/4 inch Standard Bore. 3-Ring Piston, Keystone Top Compression Ring, Late Head. Engine Overhaul Kit, less bearings. Contains sleeves & sleeve seals, pistons & rings, pins & retainers, pin bushings, connecting rod bolts, complete gasket set, crankshaft seals, intake & exhaust valves, springs, retainers. For 7020 Series, 4430 Series, 4630 Series. Contains: 12 TP-T20129 valve stem cap, 12-TP-R66452 conn rod bolt, 6-TP-R50358 intake valve, 6-TP-R50357 exhaust valve, 6-TP-R42173 pin bushing, 12-TP-R26125 valve spring, 6-SAT458 JD cyl slv set, 1-FS3849Y JD gasket set, 24 70209103 valve key.

Item#: EOK4458-LCB
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