Bushing (metal), for steering shaft, used in front axle support, 2 required. Tractors: MF165 (except LPG), MF175, MF255 (prior to s/n 9A324146), MF265 (prior to s/n 9A324139), MF270, MF275 (prior to s/n 9A324137), MF282, MF283 (except Brazil), MF290, MF670, MF690, MF699. Industrials: 30, 31, 3165. Also used in power rack, upper bushing only. Tractors: MF180 (s/n 9A48873 & up), MF1080, MF1100, MF1130, MF1150, MF1155. Row crop & western models. Tractors: MF1085, MF1105, MF1135. Replaces 194624M1, 533792M1.

Item#: 897235M1
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