Boomless spray nozzle, Boom X-Tender. Spray pattern: boomless flat fan, tip size: 167, tip color: white, spray angle: 105 degrees, pressure range: 30-60 PSI. Flow rate at 40PSI: 16.7 gpm. Swath at 40 PSI and 48 inch high: 18 ft. Mounting thread: 3/4 inch male NPT. Precision-molded polyacetal tip and threaded stainless steel body. Excellent low-drift option while extending spray reach. Large droplet size reduces spray drift and promotes spray penetration. Ideal for applications where a conventional boom cannot be used due to obstacles. Common uses include orchard, vineyard, forestry, pasture, turf and golf course spraying, as well as maintaining rights-of-way and fence rows.

Item#: XT167
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