America's first solar-powered electric fence charger! Laser trimmed, computer precision, solid state circuitry provides reliable, powerful low impedance shock to end of the fence. Uses free energy from the sun for maximum shock - day or night. Eliminates need for expensive battery replacement or inconvenient recharging. At a glance built-in performance meter shows you the fence condition - good, marginal or bad. Features latest state-of-the-art solar panel with over 42% more battery charging power. Will charge battery even on cloudy days with maximum power in direct sunlight. Totally weather-proof for outdoor use.

Item#: 697-2111
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This solar electric fence charger runs off of a 6 Volt battery that is recharged by the sun. The powerful solar panel is state-of-the-art and can even charge the battery on a cloudy day. The 6 volt battery can operate for up to 21 days in total darkness. This electric charger has a powerful impedance design and is ideal for small to medium pastures containing cattle, horses or pigs. The charger can energize up to 25 miles of fencing. The shock output is 1.4 joules.

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