561.501.00 Bolt and 802.012.52 Lock Nut. For .118" (3mm) Thick Blades. Bolt with nut. Bolt 10mm X 22mm, 30mm round head, 9.5mm shoulder length, 15.9mm (5/8") shoulder diameter. 10mm X 16mm nut with washer. Fits Kuhn and New Holland. Package of 6.

Item#: 798-RF56152
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274092,561.501.00,766728,A-56150100,802.012.52,RF56152,56150100WN,80201052,56150100,766728WN,561-501-00,A76N927,A56150100,A-76N927,56150100/WN,561 501 00 52K,

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