Two Turbo TeeJet tapered edge flat fan spray tips using a QJ90-2-NYR adapter to produce a twin-type pattern spraying forward and back. Provides more versatility than the standard twin-type spray tip. Depending on the Turbo TeeJet tip orientation, a 60°, 90°, or 120° included angle can be achieved. Best suited for broadcast spraying where superior leaf coverage and canopy penetration is important. QJ90 adapter and Quick TeeJet caps are made of nylon. Turbo TeeJet tips are made of acetal for excellent wear life and chemical resistance. Ideal for use with automatic sprayer controls. Recommended operating pressure range is 15-90 PSI (1-6 bar). Quick TeeJet caps (included) are colored to match the VisiFlo color-coding of spray tips. Excellent for both contact and systemic fungicides and insecticides - typical pressures of 40 PSI (2.75 bar) and higher. Excellent for spraying post-emergence contact herbicides - typical pressures of 40 PSI (2.75 bar) and higher. Very good for post-emerge systemic herbicide applications at lower end of optimum operating pressure range.

Item#: 878-QJ902XTT11003VP
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