Dual outlet design produces two 110º flat fan spray patterns using patented technology. Angle between each spray pattern is 60º. Six VisiFlo color-coded capacities with pressure ranges from 20-90 PSI. Ideal for use with auto sprayer controllers.

Item#: 878-TTJ6011003VP
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  • Dual Outlet Design Produces Two 110° Flat Fan Spray Patterns
  • 60° Angle Between Each Spray Pattern
  • Droplet Size Range is Slightly Larger Than Equivalent Turbo TeeJet Nozzle Providing Drift Reducing Properties with Increased Canopy Coverage and Penetration
  • Molded Polymer for Excellent Chemical and Wear Resistance
  • Pressure Range 20 - 90 PSI
  • VisiFlo Color-coded for Easy Capacity Identification

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